Aspects of communication in CS:GO: what do you need to know?

Communication. One of the most popular topics in CS:GO, which is always of great interest. Fundamentally, what does communicating in CS:GO do? What does good communication bring to a team? Is it what we say or how we say it? In this article, we’re going to talk about communication in CS:GO. If you are interested in cs go case, then you need to find a specialized resource and look at the catalog of available items. 


Understanding your opponents’ strategies and plans is one of the main keys to success in Counter-Strike. Being able to properly visualize where your opponents will launch an attack or how they will defend a point gives you a terrific playing advantage in the round. That’s why wallhack is so hard to play against. How do you beat an opponent who knows everything? The theory is that effective communication between the five players brings you closer to a wallhack situation. If you’re playing in isolation, all you’re presenting is the arrangement of things on the map based on the visual and audio cues you get on your own.

You can see several opponents, find out information about grenades. Based on this data, you figure out how many people are around you. However, you fundamentally lack the information to present the whole picture. In order for you to get it right, you need as much information from all corners of the map as possible. Let me give you an example. Think for a second that you are playing for an attack on Inferno. After 15 seconds, one of your teammates hears three grenades on the banana, and the other hears two Molotovs, one to middle, the other to the apartments. 

With all this information you will have enough material to know exactly where your opponents are. The quality, accuracy, and speed with which your teammates are communicating helps build a proper estimated map of your opponents’ placement, which will lead you to the right decision. In CS:GO situations are always changing, and it is crucial to keep your team informed of all the changes and events that occur. For example, you can be fooled by three smokes, two Molotovs and a lot of steps, but if you don’t hear anything after five seconds, you need to warn your teammates. “The Picture” is really more like a movie, a series of pictures that you always need to update to stay aware of the situation.


Communication is as much about finding and sharing information as it is about taking action. While a well-planned strategy should theoretically require less communication between players, there will always be elements of randomness that need to be addressed quickly and correctly. The difference between how you plan a round and how it actually goes should be decided by communication. Continuing with the Inferno example, let’s imagine that your plan was to control the banana on defense. Suddenly the number of opponents coming at you is much higher than expected, and you must retreat further to plant B.

You need to call for backup, and the quality of the support will depend almost entirely on your communication. Sometimes a round can be won or lost in a few seconds depending on the timing flash you ask from your teammate to defend the plant. Again, the urgency and accuracy of your info can make a big difference. We coordinate our efforts through communication. In a game that relies heavily on team play, the importance of communication cannot be downplayed.

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