CS:GO features

We suspected before that Valve didn’t give a damn about modern action trends, but now it’s official. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is exactly Counter-Strike. Not Call of Duty, not Battlefield, not even “next-gen Counter-Strike”. Valve perfectly understands that their primary audience – players are so meticulous that they even refuse to switch to patched version of old game, let alone new one.

Therefore, the main changes are the appearance of two new modes: Casual and Competitive. The second is a tightened, slightly corrected and rebalanced version of Counter-Strike: Source, so of no special interest. But about the first one is worth telling in detail. It is also worth noting a lot of skins, which you can find here csgo.net.

Who Is Not Dead

Counter-Strike is a relatively harsh game. Can’t shoot accurately? Die! Don’t keep track of your ammo? At the crucial moment you will not have a clip at hand, you will have to use your gun. Sitting in a shelter with a sniper rifle a kilometer from the epicenter of the battle? You will not hit anyone. In CS there is not even a familiar and loved by all respawn, and killed with two or three shots. Dead – wait for the end of the round! Even weapons and equipment you have to buy for money.

Casual mode is designed just for those for whom all these difficulties are wild. With any decent game it never runs out of money, the character immediately has the armor, and you can enter the match with friends with another skill level. Yes, yes, the game will finally have auto-selection of the server, which will not allow the old pros to bully the newbies. Although CS veterans will also have something to be happy about. For example, the game will have seven “classic” maps: dust, dust2, aztec, nuke, inferno, italy, office. All seven will be redrawn and redesigned. For example, on the dust will be an additional pass, where you can try to bypass the snipers. Such seemingly insignificant changes will appear on all maps.

In addition to the shocker, seven new weapons will appear in the Global Offensive. If with the new firearms everything is clear (although the Israeli IMI Negev for 200 rounds of ammunition pleases immensely), then everything is very interesting with grenades. For a very modest amount of money, both teams can buy bogus grenades. They can rattle, make noise, appear on the enemy’s radar in the form of a player, and generally to throw dust in the eyes. There will also be a “Molotov cocktail”, which will cost you a lot. He is, however, worth the money – how do you like the idea of laying a bomb, and when the counter-terrorists joyfully rush to defuse it, toss a bottle with incendiary mixture into the aisle? The result: a lot of swearing on the air, blind shooting, a couple of badly fried corpses of the bravest fighters.

In an interview, Valve writer Chet Falicek literally said the following: “Counter-Strike is baseball. The stats from a century ago are still relevant today because the game doesn’t change. Stars come and go, of course, and players change, but the process doesn’t!” Nevertheless, there are interesting changes in the form of skins. You can access them here https://csgo.net/.