How to choose jewelry

Image. It is talked and written about a lot. So much that the basic meaning of the concept slips away. But after all, the image is the person himself. It is good when a skillful image-maker gives a client exactly his “native” image, just slightly emphasizing the favorable sides and hiding flaws. It is bad when the new image is uncomfortable. It is wrong to think that the mirror knows all the answers. The most accurate assessment can be heard in the form of compliments, joking comments and even envious criticism. That’s where the grain of truth lurks.

How to choose the best jewelry

Jewelry despite commendable efforts, not every woman manages to look stylish. The demonstration of status, position in society imply the creation of a harmonious image, in which clothes, exclusive jewelry, perfume and makeup – everything is combined. For this purpose, the profession of stylist was invented. It is logical to assume that the personal stylist, or image-maker, has a pretty good idea of what result he wants to achieve in each case. Logical – but in practice this is not the case.

Many image-maker stylists have long been biased. If nothing else. They literally impose the image, convincing the client that they are right, to the detriment of a familiar and somewhat cozy image. Examples abound – just look through the comments of the yellow press.

  • Listen to yourself. You should know exactly who lives inside of you: a wicked witch or Snow White. Or so: the young outside person emotionally completely burned out inside – well, just the Snow Queen. The opposite situation – unbridled enthusiasm placed inside a solid vessel. There are worthy ways to express yourself, but the basis for them is always the unity of form and content. Curiously enough, the law to which the clothing industry and the fashion industry adhere is discovered by philosophers. This only confirms its importance.
  • Go for a fitting. At least a visual. Thankfully, the clothing industry has opened its galleries to absolutely everyone and absolutely free of charge. Your heart will definitely tell you when you see a piece that suits you or exclusive jewelry in the catalogs. This resonance at the level of subtle matter is worth noting – that’s who the best image-maker is: your own sense of taste.

If a thing doesn’t fit your existing closet yet, it’s just a matter of time and finances. So it’s worth working in that direction. You can choose the best jewelry here