How to promote a store on Instagram

There are a number of ways to promote an Instagram store. These can be both free options (which are not very effective) and paid options. For example, you can buy instagram followers. In this article, we will tell you some popular ways to help you get more followers and develop your account faster.

Paid official advertising

You can promote your profile with internal advertising on Instagram itself. To do this, you need to select any post or story and click the appropriate button. Next, Instagram offers you the number of days of advertising and the amount for payment. After the ad is approved, users will see your post or story marked “Sponsored” in their feeds. These posts will also contain a link to your store for interested users to click on. The advertising audience is based on your likes, the likes of your subscribers and casual users (who like content similar to yours), geolocation, and many other statistics.

Advertising with bloggers and publishers

Advertising with bloggers and publishers is considered a fairly effective way to attract an audience. This pleasure is not cheap, but in most cases the cost is justified, because for one good ad you can attract thousands and even tens of thousands of people. It is necessary to have a competent approach to the choice of a blogger or a public. To do this, you first need to assess the coverage and engagement of their subscribers, perhaps consult with those who have already bought advertising from them. Usually bloggers provide their statistics, but there are cases when these figures are not true. How do you check that your audience is not tampered with? Look at the subscribers and make sure there are no bots or dubious profiles, but only live people. This is very important because the number of live audience determines how many people will be interested in the ad.

Running contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways on Instagram are usually based on users posting a photo related to your brand and then tagging it with a contest hashtag. For the authors of the best photos, prepare prizes. The more appealing they are, the more they will motivate subscribers to promote your brand. Such contests are best organized with several other companies at once, because their audience can switch to you. Of course, you don’t have to ask subscribers to post photos. Considering that people on Instagram are used to simplifying, it will be more effective to prescribe in the conditions of the contest to put the likes on several publications and subscribe to your account and the accounts of sponsors.

With the help of a third-party specialist or agency

This method is in the category of paid options to promote the account, and is one of the most expensive services. It consists in the fact that you ask for help from a third-party specialist or agent. Nowadays, there are many different intermediaries who offer their services. You pay them for something that you don’t have time for. They are usually in the business of buying likes, comments and subscribers. But more competent specialists will discuss all the necessary details, highlight the target audience and take into account your business strategy. Such people know all the basics for a successful online business. If you really want to competently promote your Instagram, then for such purposes there are so-called SMM agencies or hired administrators.

Many stores today use Instagram promotion and buy instagram followers paypal or with other options. Successful stores often make the same mistake – chasing only the number of likes and subscriptions. In promoting an account, the main thing is to stick to the business strategy, make deliberate steps and invest in advertising that will bring future customers, not just increase the number of followers.