No, David Harbour is Not Playing The Thing in Black Widow

Sometimes something so stupid gets spread around the superhero circles of the Internet that you just facepalm when you see big sites reporting it, and this is one piece of bogus speculation that just won’t die.

A few weeks ago, David Harbour was giving an interview where he described the upcoming Black Widowmovie as “a thing” he was doing.

As the Internet tends to do when grasping at straws, they took that line and ran with it claiming that he was playing Ben Grimm in a movie that makes zero sense for a member of the Fantastic Four to appear in.

With the release of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix last week, Wired did one of their popular videos where Winona Ryder and David Harbour answered Google auto-correct questions, and the Thing one came up.

When explaining that he can’t say anything about Black Widow, he shot down that speculation, explaining what everyone with a working brain already knew about that interview, “I just use the word “thing” in my vocabulary a lot.”

Hopefully this will stop people from claiming he’s playing The Thing in Black Widow, but knowing how the internet acts with stuff like this (see all the Katherine Langford fan art where she’s Kate Bishop), it probably won’t…