Real estate in Barcelona – features and 10 benefits

Barcelona is the iconic city of Spain, with its bright character, atmosphere and incomparable appearance, memorable to anyone who is lucky enough to see the capital of Catalonia. Real estate in this city, being a significant part of its appearance, also has its own features. That’s what we’ll talk about. What can you expect when you buy a house or an apartment in Barcelona, the most popular city in the country? Barcelona is considered the leader among Spanish cities in the acquisition of urban real estate investors from other countries. It is visited annually by the most tourists. It is a city rich in history and culture and is always crowded – especially on the world-famous Rambla, which periodically gets first place in the ratings of the busiest streets in the world. 

Barcelona is the city’s dignity

To the developed infrastructure of the city, talking about its advantages, you should certainly add your own luxury beaches. This is a megalopolis, but the megalopolis is a resort. Every year millions of tourists come here to have a rest at the sea (in 2019, for example, the city was visited by more than 9 million people!). The benefits that become available to the new owner of a property in the capital of Catalonia are numerous. Among them, there are several most relevant for foreign investors.

  • The real estate market of Barcelona is extremely diverse. Cozy apartment in the historical center or spacious apartments in a new building – everything is available. Buyers can choose from any of the options to their liking, guided even by the most romantic ideas about what should be their new home in the capital of Catalonia.
  • Housing in Barcelona is always in demand. Any – be it a small apartment in the center or a house on the outskirts of the city. High visitor attendance, active business life – you can always count on the accommodation to rent, and it really will not stand idle.
  • There are no areas without infrastructure – living space is always combined with commercial. Areas of the city are self-sufficient, as almost every house has on the ground floors of cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, fitness clubs, etc.
  • High concentration of events – Barcelona regularly hosts carnivals, festivals, sports competitions. Festivals and landmark events, including attracting visitors from abroad, are held in the capital of Catalonia all year round, there is no dead season here.
  • The quality of housing meets the highest requirements, regardless of the type of facility. Even the oldest buildings in the historic center are in good condition, corresponding to modern concepts of comfort.
  • Megapolis and beaches – a seemingly impossible combination. But Barcelona is ready to surprise with this too! It is a resort city and a megalopolis in one. 
  • Studying and working in Barcelona is not a problem. In this city you can live your whole life without going anywhere: prestigious educational institutions, including higher education, developed business environment – this allows you to move to the capital of Catalonia, and learn, and find work here.
  • The demand for housing in Barcelona is always high. There are a number of reasons for this, including the limited opportunities for further development of the city.
  • Transport accessibility is one of the best cities in Spain in terms of travel opportunities. You can fly from the airport to anywhere in the world, and the roads from here lead to all ends of the country. 
  • The beauty of the architectural appearance of Barcelona is amazing. It’s an open-air museum city. And it can be said about the historical development and the areas where the buildings are new. 

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